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Re: Modules missing in i18n.redhat.com

On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 23:51 -0400, Magnus Larsson wrote:
> I like the new translation pages. That's an improvement.
> Not sure I understand, but it looks like the translations are now
> stored in 9 different repositories using 3 different version control
> systems? 
> Is this going to change or? 
> (I would prefer using one version control system pointing to one
> repository....)

To goal of Transifex (that Dimitris is working on) is to make it not
matter which VCS a module is in.  All the translation can be done
through translate.fp.org.  Including any upstream/outside project that
wants to be hooked in.

We continue to use CVS as the main VCS for Fedora, but some projects
wanted to use a new/different VCS.  Transifex makes it possible to
translate for those projects _without_ using the native VCS tools (hg,
git, svn, cvs).  If you prefer to interact directly with the VCS and
have an account, you can do that as well.

- Karsten
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