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Re: Fedora 7 Final translation date snapshot question

su, 2007-06-03 kello 20:46 +0100, Dimitris Glezos kirjoitti:
> O/H visez trance gmail com έγραψε:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I was very anxious to see the romanian translation for Fedora 7, wich I 
> > contributed a bit. However I couldn't help notice that Fedora 7 (final) 
> > actually has older translations than the test releases (in romanian)!? Files 
> > translated months ago have not even been used..
> Daniel,
> the final release having older translations than test releases sounds a bit odd.
> If we knew which packages exactly have had this issue and some examples of the
> strings in question, we could try to check what has happened and file a bug
> against that component.


Daniel mentioned system-config-network as an example.  Maybe it's just
me, but I don't see any kind of a Romanian translation file for
system-config-network in either the final release, or test4.

> If anyone else has noticed that strings translated before the freeze 
> date of 17 April 2007 were not included in the F7 final, please shout
> out so we throw the maintainer in a pit with melted lava.

It is worth noting that the most recent PO-Revision-Date for any
translation in the system-config-network package is from beginning of
October 2006.  Anyone can find this out simply by saying:

$ locate system-config-network.mo | xargs -n1 msgunfmt | grep
PO-Revision | sort

In the translation CVS, however, there are 24 files that have a
PO-Revision-Date which is between October 2006 and the translation
freeze date in April 2007.

So, anyone having worked on system-config-network translation after 2nd
October 2006 has more or less wasted his/her time as far as the F7
release is concerned.


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