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Re: What's the future for translation inside the FP ?

Le Wed, 6 Jun 2007 10:26:21 +0200,
"Xavier Conde Rueda" <xavi conde gmail com> a écrit :

> > Any other ideas / wishes?
> Here my wishlist:
> 1. Automatically update PO and POT files. This should be handled as in
> Gnome, were translations are updated twice a day. This shouldn't be a
> work for translators, since you need the whole source code to
> regenerate an up to date POT.
> 2. Allow to checkout by language only. Currently you have to checkout
> the whole module with all the translations; it will be important to
> make it easy to checkout just my language files.
> 3. Make it easier to obtain cvs rights to cvs.fp.o. Personally I found
> there was too much bureaucracy in order to be added to the cvsdocs
> group just for translating the documentation; I wish it gets easier to
> be added to the cvs group for translation.
> I would be glad to help you on this issues. Regards!

I think it can still be extended, these are my wishes : 

1. translators should be able to be responsible for the PO of their
choice. There are maintainers for each packages, then there must be a
maintainer for each po file.

2. as a maintainer / developer is warned when a bug is filled in
bugzilla, the translator should be warned when his / her po has been
automatically updated. Could Bugzilla be used for this ?

3. yell on developpers to update the translation into the packages.
Smolt is an example in Fedora 7 : either there is an enormous bug,
either the translations have not been included.


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