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Re: What's the future for translation inside the FP ?

Le Sunday 10 June 2007 14:56:43 Alain PORTAL, vous avez écrit :

> > Well, I think that such script should be generated on the server side,
> > since on the server you can quickly scan all the folders to find where
> > are po files, but on the client side this is not possible or too
> > inefficient. Or instead, generating a text file on the server side
> > with that listing; then we would check out the list and a simple
> > script that parsed the directory listing and checked files by locale.
> > I don't think there is a simple way of orgainizing directories on cvs
> > to make them script-friendly, since it doesn't work as a file system.
> > So, instead of hardcoding ourselves the paths, I think it should be
> > better to create such a list on the CVS server side.
> Creating a such list is probably the best idea without changing current cvs
> structure and it will allow to write an easy script.
> I finally succeed to write my script, I'll send it as soon as I'll manage
> some exceptions like "the po file don't exist for a module in a locale, so
> checkout the pot file"

The script isn't ended but I think it's time to release it to get feedback.
Possible bug: not all language can be supported; all language known by 
anaconda are supported
Known bugs: some pot files can't be checkout, there are probably special case 
that I have to check.

Script file can be localized ;-)
So feel free to do it and send me your strings.LANG.txt

Usage: $0 [OPTION]... [LANG_ISO_CODE]

This script build for you a script that checkout only your language"
po files of the translate module on the i18n RedHat cvs repository."

[LANG_ISO_CODE] have to be a valid lang iso code.

Avaliable options are:
  -f --force-pot-file    force checkouting pot files
                         usefull if your language isn't yet
                         supported by the Fedora Project
  -h --help              display this message and exit
  -p --with-pot-file     checkout all pot files
  -P --without-pot-file  don't checkout any pot file, even if your
                         language po file don't exist on repository
                         (bad idea ;-))
  -V --version           display the version information and exit

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