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Re: owners.list for FLP

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
Hi guys (and gals)

We're thinking of adding L10N in bugzilla, just like Documentation is. The idea
is that bugs (corrections, suggestions, comments) about a translation should be
sent to the language team and not the package maintainer.

For this purpose, we need to create an `owners.list` file, which will hold the
languages as components, a maintainer, a QA contact (think: co-maintainer), and
a CC-list (think: your language mailing list).

I've put up a first draft (with names/people I knew and was sure of their
bugzilla account) at:


If you want your language to appear on bugzilla, add your language there,
following the greek example. It's best the QA contact to be different than the
maintainer. The email addresses (except the mailing list) should exist on

Hi Dimitris and all
I would like Japanese to appear on bugzilla as well, so added it in the owners.list.

thank you!


Ta ta.


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