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Re: L10n commits


2007/6/16, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris glezos com>:

For those who'd like to monitor the commits to our repository (`/cvs/l10n/`),
and in the future, for commits to all PO/POT files, we've created a group that
receives such notifications. All emails sent to `l10n-commits-members` go to all
the members of that group. To subscribe, go to


and add yourself to the 'l10n-commits' group. Because of a limitation of the
account system, the request will require an approval, but we'll do that right away.

I've added this, together with various other tools, to our Tools page:


Great, thanks. But what kind of commits we'll get there? Commits for
all PO and POT files, or just POT files and our language's?

Google talk/Jabber: xavi.conde a gmail.com

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