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Re: Translate

You can follow the instructions [1]here.

If you've already done that and asking about the details, then, you need a translation program, well, you can do it manually, but I prefer using translation applications, they make your life easier.

If you're on Gnome, you can use gtranslator, or, if you're using KDE, you can use KBabel.

After installing any of these programs, you can start downloading .pot files, and translate them, or, if there are some partially translated .po files in your language you can use those.

After you've translated parts of, or all the file, you can either submit it to the maintainer, or commit it with cvs (I don't know how to do that yet :D ).


On 11/7/07, Sašo Korpič <sasko88 gmail com> wrote:

I am interesting about translating from English to Slovenian language.
How I can join to help with translating? Thanks.

Bye, Sašo

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Laith Juwaidah
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