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Re: The Current Sign-up system

On 2007-11-26 06:46:57 PM, Ronald wrote:
> I can't get access to CVS >.< . The first time I used a RSA key (which was 
> wrong). But now I want to upload the (correct) DSA key. But the account 
> system says:
> Your E-mail address must be the one you use for your GPG key and bugzilla 
> account. (Shown at the 'E-mail address:' form)
Hmm, I'm kind of confused - are you having trouble with signing the CLA
or accessing CVS?  Also, FAS should accept both RSA and DSA keys.
Strange that it's giving you trouble over that.  The main issue with SSH
key validation is that it requires the comment field in the key to be in
the form of name host   

If you're still having problems, feel free to stop by and ask in
#fedora-admin, or I can look into this if you give me your FAS username
and forward your signed CLA to me.  


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