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TQSG update => was Re: FLP Meeting 2007-10-16 Summary

Marek Mahut wrote:
FLP Meeting 2007-10-16 Summary


  * Bart Couvreur (couf)
  * Marek Mahut (marek)
  * Espen Stefansen (Libbe)
  * Diego Zacarao (Rasther)
  * Peter Reuschlein (petreu)


  - No updates regarding TQSG.
Bart, Marek, Espen, Diego and Peter

Sorry I could not attend the meeting and give some update.
Actually the draft has been fully updated with latest information.
So the status is "waiting for editor approval with version".

Do me a favor!
I have been asking for reviewing to Paul and Dimitris but they seems quite busy atm, while you guys are all experienced translators knowing the procedure well.

so... could you please kindly give a review?

Once reviewing done and this guide is published, it should contain almost everything that translator needs to know for starting translation without old confusing information. Thus people no longer need to go here and there to find what to do.

There must be more updation required time to time, but we can catch up later anyway.


  - Glezos wasn't available to respond our questions.
     * Are all modules enabled on transifex now? If not, when?

  - Dead line for release notes of Fedora 8 is 22nd October, please take
time to finish yours. It needs to be translated at least in 90% to
include in release. There is zero-day chance on 7th November [1].
     * Marek Mahut found someone (Lenka Čelková) who will help him with
Slovak translation.
     * Question for Paul (in CC), how to add a credit for person into


Next meeting

Next meeting will take please on 30. October 2007 at 19h UTC in
#fedora-meeting @ irc.freenode.org. Find more information at


IRC log of the meeting is available at

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