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Re: TQSG update => was Re: FLP Meeting 2007-10-16 Summary

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 14:22 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
Sorry I could not attend the meeting and give some update.
Actually the draft has been fully updated with latest information.
So the status is "waiting for editor approval with version".

Do me a favor!
I have been asking for reviewing to Paul and Dimitris but they seems quite busy atm, while you guys are all experienced translators knowing the procedure well.

so... could you please kindly give a review?

Once reviewing done and this guide is published, it should contain almost everything that translator needs to know for starting translation without old confusing information. Thus people no longer need to go here and there to find what to do.

There must be more updation required time to time, but we can catch up later anyway.

Sorry, I was on travel this past week and really pressed for time.  I'm
looking at some of the updates to the TQSG, but I'm a little confused at
some of the changes.  Many of the steps in the procedure have been
rewritten in a way that actually makes them harder to read and
When revising an existing guide, it's important to try and make changes
incremental rather than sweeping.  Usually an editor has spent a good
bit of time trying to correct language, and thus make a guide adherent
to our style guidelines[1] and easier to translate.  It seems to me that
many of the changes in the TQSG could have been made by simply adding
<section> and <title> elements rather than rewriting all the content.
I'm going to need some time now to re-edit all of the text, but I expect
to have it done later today.

= = =
[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/StyleGuide

That is exactly what I was afraid of due to lack of experience as a writer, terribly sorry giving you mess. Actually this was my very first documenting task. I just wanted to update this guide to reflect recent move and to contain necessary information such as transifex introduction all in one place, since many translators are wandering a jungle of information atm and some are even halting their translation activity for modules. Thank you so much for devoting substantial time on this. I have learnt many from you again :) I'm sure to make good use of this newly learnt knowledge next time. I also have added myself in default CC against the Bugzila/Fedora Documentation/translation-quick-start-guide component.

Btw, 'Fedora Documentation Style Guide' is quite lengthy, and I need more time to complete reading...

Many thanks


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