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Re: string freeze break request: initscripts

ti, 2007-09-04 kello 16:39 -0400, Bill Nottingham kirjoitti:
> I'd like to update the translations in initscripts:
> A fully translated checkout will go from:
>   mk.po: 785 translated messages.
> to:
>   mk.po: 726 translated messages, 97 fuzzy translations, 34 untranslated messages.
> Why we're changing now: Unfortunately, updating the initscripts list of
> translatable strings is a manual process that first requires installing
> every package that has a translatable file - this is a constantly changing
> set. It would have been done before the string freeze, except I was on
> vacation.
> Impact of not doing it: Some initscripts will not be translated.
> Yay/nay?

Any action or non-action that leads to some strings not being translated
is the same as breaking the string freeze.  The purpose of string freeze
is not to keep the .pot files intact for some unknown reason, but to
keep the strings of the application intact so that a translation team
knows the 100% (or whatever percentage) they have reached will not
suddenly decrease without a warning.

Now, the translation teams are interested in maintaining the percentage
of translation they have reached, and new translatable strings appearing
during string freeze is not desirable.  However, it is even less
desirable to add new _untranslatable_ strings, because that way the
translators are not even given a chance to keep their translations

So, in my opinion it does not make sense to even consider an approach
where new untranslatable strings are added in order to avoid breaking
the string freeze.  There are only two options: Either no strings are
added/modified, and the string freeze stays, or strings are added and
the string freeze is broken.


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