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Re: string freeze break request: initscripts


I haven't seen any updates in the CVS repository yet. Can you please let's know whether you commited the changes to the CVS server or not.

Bill Nottingham લખ્યું:
I'd like to update the translations in initscripts:

A fully translated checkout will go from:
  mk.po: 785 translated messages.
  mk.po: 726 translated messages, 97 fuzzy translations, 34 untranslated messages.
Why we're changing now: Unfortunately, updating the initscripts list of
translatable strings is a manual process that first requires installing
every package that has a translatable file - this is a constantly changing
set. It would have been done before the string freeze, except I was on

Impact of not doing it: Some initscripts will not be translated.


Ankit Patel

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