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Re: Auto merge not working (WAS: [Fwd: String changes for pirut to add error messages])

Igor Pires Soares લખ્યું:
Em Qui, 2007-09-06 às 18:18 -0300, Domingo Becker escreveu:
2007/9/6, Igor Pires Soares <igorsoares gmail com>:
I noticed that the pirut .POs files weren't updated automatically. I
gave a msgmerge and I got 13 fuzzy and 19 untranslated strings in the
Brazilian Portuguese file. Other translators might need to update the
files manually too.

Please, don't let this happen so close to the translation freeze deadline.
I do have time to check the status page, but I don't have time to
check one by one all the modules.

kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

Not really good news:

I also have merged the modules desc and summary. Here is what I've got:

Summary: 3099 fuzzy, 3336 untranslated
Desc: 1443 fuzzy, 4643 untranslated

It looks very weird to me. The desc merge took 3 hours!

Does anybody know if this is right?

Igor Pires Soares

Something has stopped automerge script running on the server. It has been fixed now. The cronjob will run it tonight. Thanks for pointing out the problem.

Ankit Patel

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