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Re: Auto merge not working (WAS: [Fwd: String changes for pirut to add error messages])

Em Sex, 2007-09-07 às 18:09 +0100, Miloš Komarčević escreveu:
> Sometimes I really fail to see the benefit of having summary and desc
> in Fedora: sure it's nice to have them localised when the user is
> browsing for software, but this should really happen upstream where
> the software is coming from so all distros can benefit?
> Even then, getting all this metadata for all the languages across the
> network and parsing it everytime you run yum/pirut is IMHO quite
> wasteful and slow, so even if it's only used in anaconda and only when
> installing from DVD it still seems more trouble and valuable
> translator time for questionable benefit...
> Just my 5 para ;)
> Milos

I noticed that some languages like Spanish, German and French already
had their desc, summary and pirut merged. Ankit, thanks for fixing it!

Milos and Marek have pointed out a good question too.
Looking at this merged desc and summay, we can see that there are about
8.000 entries from each one. Maybe it is time to reflect if it is viable
to translate these modules. I believe it is important to translated the
summaries of the packages on the DVD set, in order to use them with
anaconda. Anyway, those 16.000+ entries look too much for any
translation team.

Igor Pires Soares

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