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Re: Could you mind to help TQSG update?

On 9/17/07, Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com> wrote:

The to-do-list in the page of
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Tasks/TQSG has now been updated.
There are some tasks are available. Anyone interest?

2.2. Accounts for Software Translation
Need information to complete this section, anyone can give a clear
direction here?
1. Is there any module still left in elivis?
2. How to contribute modules moved to fedoraporject.org?

2.3. Accounts for Documentation
No big change here. Only needs proofreading and give a little addition.
All information can be found at the page of
Easy to start, anyone interest?

3. Translating Software
Need information about Transifex tool from the side of translators.
How to use the tool, how to access repo, etc.

4. Translating Documentation
No big change here too. Only needs proofreading. All information can be
found at the page of http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Translation.
Seems compact and good starter, anyone thirsty?

New Chapter
"Web" translation chapter can be added. The instruction can be found at
Anyone who has interest to WRITE? it must be ideal starter for
translator who wants to be a writer but never try :)


Fedora-trans-list mailing list
Fedora-trans-list redhat com

Well, I was trying to involve in this step but my office work get overloaded :| ..so, I became silent member for now... I was thinking about adding "Introduction" chapter in which we represent the big picture of FLP. How the project is running and organized! How people are working and taking responsibilities! , so a newbie can easily make a clear big picture of the project and can see where he is standing right now and where and how he can move further.... second when we say the word translation we mean read/write minimum 2 languages with ur Fedora box. So, a guide on how to set up SCIM for ur work is also needed to include for guidance of newbie.

Mustafa Qasim
Lahore, Pakistan
Cell: 0321-6614972
URL: http://www.mustu.info

Registered Linux User# 441709.
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