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im-chooser and system-config-httpd

I tried today to submit cs.po im-chooser translation thru transifex, however the first time I got error about "some technical problem", second time I tried that it says that the diff is empty and it will not commit. But web repo view shows there is still old file. What's up?

For system-config-httpd the module overview shows some untranslated strings, however I can not get this file. What I see thru web iface is completely translated. How could this happen?

Also one RFE - would i be possible to have also "Get" feature in transifex to download the po in selected language? I am now downloading files thru web front-end but this is not very comfortable and I struggle wherether I have correct files.

The last question which is still not clear to me - how's that with those minus sings and exclamation marks in http://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/cs/fedora-8
What should I do with them? Or should they be ignored?


Adam Pribyl

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