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Re: update history

2008/7/23 Martin-Gomez Pablo <pablo martin-gomez laposte net>:
> Le Wed, 23 Jul 2008 09:12:10 -0300,
> "Domingo Becker" <domingobecker gmail com> a écrit :
>> There's a small application that pops up when clicking to "review
>> history" button in package kit.
>> IMHO, there are two things I think necessary:
>> 1. A module in t.fp.o to translate it.
> It's no possible, it's an integrative part of the gnome-packagekit
> software which is translated by the Gnome Project.

Then what is packagekit module doing in
http://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/packagekit ?
Maybe there's no need for a new module but to include the strings in
that existing one.

>> 2. A menu option to access it, possibly under System | Administration
>> or Applications | System tools.
> I don't think the application so necessary to having an entry
> in the menu. If you wanted an entry, you can create one calling
> "gpk-log" (the small application).

I mean, it would make new users' life easier.
Now that I know the name of the application, I will add an entry.
Let's face the true: sometimes an update messes things up, it happened
to me twice with F9 and at least two times with F8. An easy access
rollback would improve the system for new users.
As I said before, it's just my humble opinion.


Domingo Becker (es)

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