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Re: F10 Schedule Revised

Karsten 'quaid' Wade さんは書きました:
On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 13:01 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
John Poelstra さんは書きました:
I have published updated schedules based on the great gobby editing sessions we had this week with the Documentation and Translation teams. Note each schedule only shows the tasks for that specific team... we can adjust this if that is confusing:

I can not see any deadline date for Installation Guide in trans-tasks.
I am assuming that will be 24-Nov from docs-tasks.
Could you please clarify this?

I think it is 27-Oct to 31-Oct for the Preview of the Installation
Guide.  Then it looks like 21-Nov or 20-Nov for the final Installation
Guide.  The Preview is a best-effort, we publish whatever is translated
by 31-Oct.

You are correct that those are not explicit in either schedule.

By 21-Oct, translators are quite busy for Software translation.
More time can be spent for GA than PR.
Is any chance to translate IG under Launch phase?

Can you also change wording for easy understanding?
   Current: "Release Notes PO Files completed by Translation."
   To be: "Release Notes Translation Deadline"

+1 Sounds better.

   Current: "Translation Deadline for fedoraproject.org"
   To be: "fedoraproject.org (web) Translation Deadline"

I think the following can be change to better expression.
   Current: "Translate xxxxx (POT to PO)"
   To be: "Drop xxxxx PO files (POT to PO)"

I think that task is, "Translate the strings in the POT file, making or
updating the PO file for your language."  Is that what "drop" means?

Translatable PO files are not necessarily becoming available in order, but can be available soon as the authors finalize. Like docs team can drop the bombs of various documents for trans team. Each language team will schedule how to assign the resource to catch as many bombs as possible. Red Hat used to use the word 'drop' [1] internally so that I use here that is all.

As far as "Translate xxx" date is pointing the earliest PO files available date, that is fine.

[1] docs team finalize certain portion of his/her document by this date and make available to trans team.


- Karsten

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