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Re: Hello, guys!!

2008/10/26 J Davila <6336737 fedora-ni net>:
> Hi, people!
> My name is Joel Davila. I've just become part of the Translation Team. I
> have been around and I wonder how all this works. I noticed that Spanish
> translations are done for Fedora 10. Guess I arrived a bit late :P
> If there's something I should know about Spanish translators, please let me
> know.

Hello Joel, welcome aboard !

PO files for translation can be downloaded from
and from

To submit them back in, you must use the Submit Tx (EnvĂ­o Tx).

In the page for F10, the only module left is release-notes (Notas del
Lanzamiento). You may give me a hand there.

For the modules in 'various', you must ask to fedora-trans-es at rh.c
Subscribe to that list too.

It's not late to help.

Kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

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