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Re: Hello, guys!!

I've just translated the audit-viewer .po file; I did pick that because I'm new on this and wanted to give a try on a small translation. I had some problems with it... "An errror ocurred while msgfmt was executed:" from gTranslator, but it doesn't say which error it was. I have checked that twice.

The other thing is that I have subscribed to fedora trans es at redhat dot com and haven't received confirmation yet.


2008/10/27 Domingo Becker <domingobecker gmail com>
2008/10/26 J Davila <6336737 fedora-ni net>:
> Hi, people!
> My name is Joel Davila. I've just become part of the Translation Team. I
> have been around and I wonder how all this works. I noticed that Spanish
> translations are done for Fedora 10. Guess I arrived a bit late :P
> If there's something I should know about Spanish translators, please let me
> know.

Hello Joel, welcome aboard !

PO files for translation can be downloaded from
and from

To submit them back in, you must use the Submit Tx (Envío Tx).

In the page for F10, the only module left is release-notes (Notas del
Lanzamiento). You may give me a hand there.

For the modules in 'various', you must ask to fedora-trans-es at rh.c
Subscribe to that list too.

It's not late to help.

Kind regards

Domingo Becker (es)

Fedora-trans-list mailing list
Fedora-trans-list redhat com

Joel Dávila (505)816-9911

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