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Re: translation-quick-start-guide

Fabian Affolter さんは書きました:
Zitat von Dimitris Glezos <dimitris glezos com>:
2008/10/28 Fabian Affolter <fab fedoraproject org>:
Zitat von "Paul W. Frields" <stickster gmail com>:
On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 09:41 +0100, Fabian Affolter wrote:
Move TQSG to Fedorahosted and place the source in a git repository
like the Doc Team.

Are there any objections?
No objections from the Docs side of the house, if it matters.  I
recently put some updates in the TQSG itself to help people with the
process of translating docs from the new git repos.  Basically, they can
use Transifex, but we'll also put in instructions for using git *if*
there are a significant number of translators who would like those
instructions too.
If there are no objections from the L10n team, I will request a new
home for the TQSG on Fedorahosted in a few hours.
Would we like that to be on git or something more simple like
Mercurial? (heh)

The Doc Team is working in git. I would suggest to place the TQSG in a
git repository like the other docs (release notes, install guide) just
to be consistent.


BTW, I know that you like hg the most, Dimitris

Thank you Fabian :-))

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