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Re: Translation Schedule F10 and beyond

John Poelstra wrote:
Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel said the following on 09/13/2008 01:57 AM Pacific Time:

For the items that should be scheduled properly for future releases, let's use Fedora 11 as a reference. A draft of the F11 schedule is here:

I am waiting for the Fedora 10 schedule to mature a little more before porting all the new things we're learning there to the Fedora 11 schedule. If it helps to do this sooner I can do that.

* There should be
== Section for software applications/packages/GUI translations ==
   1. Planning phase
      -> Packages which needs to be translated should be decided.

How many work days does this process take?
We never followed this step anytime before. However, I do think that it shouldn't take more than 2/3 days.
What date should it start?
After the "Feature submission freeze" I think.
-> Criteria for language support with respect to translations has to be decided in this phase. (e.g. If X language is introduced in particular release, it has to be translated in Y packages with Z% of translations to get it in the supported status - It's almost like a new new feature inclusion criteria)

How many work days does this process take?
This shouldn't also take more than 2/3 days.

What date should it start?
Along with the above one "package selection" I think.
Will this process happen for each new release?

Ideally yes.
   2. Development phase
      -> Source code development finishes.
-> Branching of the source-codes (Including translation files) for packages has to be done by package maintainers at this stage.
      -> String Freeze
-> Actual translation happens here. Note: This task can't be put in the testing phase, as it's a part of the development phase.

Yes, just keep in mind that Fedora (and many software projects) don't have a hard stop on development when testing starts. It is more important for what we are trying to do here to focus on where the task should fall time-wise vs. the section heading. IOW I'd rather the tasks be grouped by date instead of forced into a section with the right heading. Maybe I've misunderstood you?
Yep I agree and even I meant the same. That's the reason I kept the order as mentioned above. May be, I haven't represented it properly here. But, yes , you are right.

-> All packages should be built with the inclusion of the latest translations.

Can you propose specific dates using the Fedora 11 schedule as a reference for each of the tasks you mention above? If possible include dates for Fedora 10.

I think, FLSCo will be doing this, as per the discussion happened in the yesterday's meeting. The reason of raising these points here, would help FLSCo to understand the translators' requirements with respect to the schedule and get those changes applied in the schedule itself.
   3. Testing phase (Alpha, beta, etc)
-> Translators test the applications with respect to translations and submit the appropriate patches/corrections in specific release (e.g. F-9, F-10, F-11, etc) branches of the packages.

How many work days does this process take?
It depends on the "packages selection" done in the planning phase.
What date should it start?
Along with other testing tasks I guess.
Does this follow the same testing durations as the rest of the release?
Yep, I think so.

-> All packages, who gets updates in the translations should be rebuilt.

How many work days does this process take?
What date should it start?
This depends upon package maintainers.

== Section for documentation translations ==
   4. Launch phase
      -> Translations of documentation guides
      -> Translations of release notes
      -> Translations of web pages, relevant to specific release

For each of the above...

How many work days does this process take?
What date should it start?
It really depends upon the amount of documentation contents. Can't say anything now.

   5. Maintenance phase
-> After the release, with respond to bugs/issues filed by end users, translators will maintain translations of their languages in particular release (e.g. F-9, F-10, F-11, etc) branch. -> If any of the packages get updates in translations, package has to be rebuilt to reflect the changes submitted by translators.

Is this different than other bug fix? IOW, it happens, but we don't need anything special on the schedule?
Yep, it's same like bug fixes.

If any of the above is possible with the current F-10 schedule, it would be very helpful...
As a starting point I've stubbed out a schedule using the general Fedora milestones.

Please let me know which additional tasks you would like to include on the Translation schedule. To accurately reflect each task (and so that we can automatically generate a schedule in the future) please tell me:

Now, for the current F-10 plan, I would like to clear one thing first.

There are two tasks on the task juggler report you put on the web, for "PO Files due from Translation".
First one due is "Tue 2008-10-21"
Second one due is "Thu 2008-11-06"

Yes, my understanding was this process takes place twice. Is this incorrect?

If it is easier to discuss this on IRC or set up a conference call I'm glad to do either :)

No worries. The date is clear, and my message is conveyed. Thanks a lot for taking time to help FLP team!
Ankit Patel

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