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translate.f.o UI

I know from FUDCon presentation that Transifex is evolving and Dimitris is looking for some inputs what we as translators need. At the moment I am using translate.fedoraproject.org more as the F10 translation is in progress and I still have problems with orientation. I understand the translation handling is complicated and transifex already simplifies that a lot, but as a translator, I feel I mostly need only few things out of what is on translate.fedoraproject.org. As a most important I see statistics, which I know are either developen in TX or at least exist as RFE. Statistic gives me overview of what I need to translate. I can hardly crawl thru all modules and repos to gather info what needs to be translated. This is now provided by DL, which is the reason why statistic overview is separated from submit section which is acctually TX.

My most common steps in t.f.o are
1. Click on Language
1.1 Click on Czech
1.2 Click on Fedora 10 or various and wait a long time for the page to come
2. Download the .po file which needs to be translated.
3. Translate the file and
4. Click on Submit/Modules
5. Search thru two pages (which is not very comfortable) to find the apropriate module
6. Click on module
7. Authenticate as translator
8. Select branch, .po and submit.

What I would prefere is, when I open t.f.o:
1. click on authenticate
2. this will bring up my language page with ALL the modules I can translate (they may be separated in tables by release sets) in format like:
module name | statistic | download .po | submit .po

Therefore my suggestion would be to add the submit button to page where I also download the module. This would save me steps 1., 4-7. It may be, this is again problem with DL...

Having one page would eliminate the need to search where to submit
(this would also decrease the load of t.f.o).
Statistic can be only percentage and/or numbers
Submit button would be either missing or grey for modules that do not allow me to submit translation thru TX.

The rest of the pages like "teams" (which seems to me showing the same information as "languages"), "release sets" I do not care much about. Maybe it is important for somebody else.

Adam Pribyl

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