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Re: F10 Documentation

2008/9/30 Asgeir Frimannsson <asgeirf gmail com>:
> If I remember correctly, publican actually has a 'genearate
> translation statistics' make target that can even generate HTML.

What would a translator need to do to get one of ours Docs and
generate statistics himself? Could we have this documented somewhere
(eg. the TQSG or FAQ)? Necessary git commands would also help a lot.

> Would it be ok If I set up a cron job that:
> 1) Puts translation statistics on a public web page (to make it
> simple, e.g. my fedorapeople web space)

A page updated daily with docs stats could do the trick until Publican
support can be added inside DL and the Toolkit.

Since it's just 7 modules I guess we could start simple and avoid
Fedora-hosted crons and Infra (they already have a lot on their
minds). Someone of us could cron on his workstation and rsync the
HTMLs on his fedorapeople page.

> 2) Sends updated statistics to fedora-trans-list daily, or even after
> each 'submission' depending on how much we want to spam that list...

Ideally no spamming at all. :-) The information will be in one place
for anyone who'd like to see it.

> In addition, we could add a link to this stats through the front page
> of translate.fedoraproject.org
> Comments on this workflow is welcome, but I'll try to make sure we at
> least have some statistics for our documentation SOON.

Thanks for looking into this Asgeir.


> I guess the fedora infrastructure is in 'freeze' mode, so I'm not sure
> how easy it would be to make the script run inside the
> infrastructure... But the main concern now is giving translators some
> statistics :)

Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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