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Re: Self-Introduction: Behdad Pournader

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 4:53 PM, Behdad Pournader <behdad p gmail com> wrote:
Full Name: Behdad Pournader
City, Country: Tehran, Iran
FAS User: firetux Language: Persian (fa)
Im Student in University, Year2.
I Work for Sharif Farsiweb Inc. which works in opensource fields in iran, i also work for myself in web development & designing.
I know redhat from redhat 9, my first linux dirstru was fedora 10, & i work too much with fedora 4 and after fedora 4, its my primary OS!
in Sharif Farsiweb Inc. i did many docs translations & docs writing & So design many websites with html & css!

I Translated Wormux to persian in myself & worked in firefox unofficial persian team. i was translator in Sharif Linux Distru, I Did Some in Gnome, & now i'm a translator in Persian Xoops!

Key Print: 4e:0d:0f:66:a9:77:9f:c2:1e:eb:21:ac:ca:d2:3a:1f

GPG Key:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAzbZc4d7IABnWZpi5ZY10r1PLTWvgCxckUInmPltpm0OwuAyc9YaecITJNBkGyMrYlpTbUlqBV81EHP4xzYJR1WzJwvbD4WW7Gve49CpsuGpLcWTcaHFkA6pufKQ5Wf8sL7e0btgv/s/IQAgIoGHmqShS337rpfVW7bVwUBy/nPdjgTxnYiSCtckkOAiNvQ21BzJ9Ytd5V/GDIHe92hxKtNTGfIcSZJcRJkmXk1R5rXpjUtsrw1TqLzlKYZYm2k33o0m5Mz4CCdwzGeDJHWPo7oAbjdDDYMMPm96bISfQpGnf/1qby55LYoDv/YgY628p6ueFX1KysLl6Z8JCgfVBZQ== behdad Nokhodsia-2 local

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Hey Behdad;
welcome to Fedora and Persian team. I hope you can help us to improve

Mohsen Saeedi

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