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Publican combined PO files like install-guide


I would like to find a way to make the translation of the large PO file
of the install-guide suitable for teamwork. So far, my idea is to get
the translators download the small PO-s from the repository, then merge
them into the large combined PO.
For example: The translator downloads the
Account_Configuration-common.po file from
translates it, sends it to the maintainer, who merges it like this:

msgmerge -C Account_Configuration_common.po \
docs-install-guide.f11-tx.hu.po install-guide.pot \
> docs-install-guide.f11-tx.hu.po.new

This can be repeated for several PO-s from different translators, and
then the large PO can be uploaded via Transifex.

The small PO files can also be extracted from the large combined PO as

msgmerge -C docs-install-guide.f11-tx.hu.po /dev/null \
Account_Configuration_common.pot \
> Account_Configuration_common.hu.po

What do you think about this?
Would this kind of functionality be useful in Transifex? I mean download
a partial PO generated from a combined PO, and upload a partial PO
merged into a combined PO.


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