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Re: Publican combined PO files like install-guide

Sulyok Peti wrote:
I would like to find a way to make the translation of the large PO file
of the install-guide suitable for teamwork.
That's exactly right. Publican uses multiple, small PO files to make collaboration as easy as possible. Different translators can work on different parts of the document without fear of getting in each other's way.

So far, my idea is to get
the translators download the small PO-s from the repository, then merge
them into the large combined PO.
<snip description of method>

When we merged the multiple PO files for the Release Notes and Installation Guide, we used (for example) "msgcat -u -o release-notes.pot *.pot"
What do you think about this?
Would this kind of functionality be useful in Transifex? I mean download
a partial PO generated from a combined PO, and upload a partial PO
merged into a combined PO.
Actually, the large po files are useless to Publican - before they can be used to build a document, we need to split them apart into the separate, small files. The *only* reason to use these large PO files at all is because at the moment, the new Transifex cannot handle more than one PO file per language.

What we really need is a Transifex that allows translators access to Publican's multiple small PO files, exactly as they appear in the repo. That way, we do not need to merge the files together at the start of the translation process and split them apart again at the end.


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