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Re: freeze break request: comps

Hi Bill,

how will this affect the languages that don't translate the file? Is
there a minimum percentage of translated strings for comps package?

Thanks in advance!

2009/4/28 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com>:
> I've been updating comps today for new language support packages. This
> has created the following new strings that could be translated:
>  <foo> Support
> where <foo> is one of:
> Azerbaijani
> Chichewa
> Coptic
> Fijian
> Hiligaynon
> Interlingua
> Kazakh
> Latin
> Luxembourgish
> Maltese
> Manx
> Sanskrit
> Sardinian
> Swahili
> Tetum
> I have not committed the change yet. Is this OK to commit?
> Bill
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