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Re: install-guide in Spanish

Domingo Becker wrote:
The Spanish Team finished the translation of install-guide.

Congratulations and many thanks for all your hard work! Sorry that it's taken so long to respond to this message; I've had to learn how to process the big, all-in-one po files for use with Publican (and then actually do the work!).

By finishing first, the Spanish team has also been the one most affected by the many small changes to the draft version of the documentation. However, these are all finally in place now, so thank you for your patience and perseverance :)

I need a few things:

1. Would you add the following people to the colophon?, they helped in
the translation of this release:
    Daniel Cabrera <h daniel cabrera gmail com> (translator, Spanish)
    Claudio Rodrigo Pereyra Diaz <elsupergomez gmail com> (translator, Spanish)

Done (plus all the other new translators who have helped with the guide)

2. A possibility to see a preview of F11 install-guide in order to
make corrections.
Available here, along with almost all the other languages that we've received translations from so far:


1. Persian is not available yet, because of a problem that I'm still working on (one of the xml files created by applying the fa.po file to the English xml files is not valid) 2. Not all the translations for the Publican "common content" sections are not in place yet, but I'm working on this too. Note also that some teams have not yet created localised content for these sections: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Publican/Common_Content

3. Would you publish the F10 install-guide which was completed before
Has anyone volunteered to do this for you yet? I'm not familiar with the old fedora-docs-tools, but I'm willing to learn!

Regards and many thanks once again,

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