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Re: Russian community coordination (Intro)

Yulia Poyarkova さんは書きました:

Hi all,

As most of Russian translators would already know, current coordinator, Andrew Martynov, has been pretty busy lately and after discussing it with the community, we decided I would take over (that means more questions for you Noriko-san :D)
It is my pleasure to support you and Russian team even my knowledge is limited. The page "Maintainer" for new coordinator would be good start for you. As you pointed there is no Russian component in Bugzilla, and this topic is also covered there. Enjoy!

Some of you might already know me, as I've been translating for Fedora for quite some time now. I am qualified in translation and I have been working with Linux since I joined Red Hat few years ago.

I would like to thank Andrew for his continuous effort in supporting Russian Fedora community and I am really glad he is staying with us as a translator.
Andrew, thank you so much again for your commitment to Russian community. And especially thank you for deciding to stay with us!! Let's keep rock'n roll!


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