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Re: Help with strange error in smolt.master-smoon.messages.po


2009/8/21 Rui Gouveia <rui gouveia globaltek pt>:
> Hi,
> In the file smolt.master-smoon.messages.po, in the line:
> #: hardware/templates/deviceclass.html:19
> #, python-format
> msgid "% hosts detected ${type}"
> msgstr "% máquinas detectadas ${type}"
> I get this error:
> $ msgfmt -c smolt.master-smoon.messages.po
> smolt.master-smoon.messages.po:44: 'msgstr' is not a valid Python format
> string, unlike 'msgid'. Reason: In the directive number 1, the character 'm'
> is not a valid conversion specifier.

I understand that the original string means "percentage of hosts
detected". If that's it, maybe the translation should be "%% máquinas
detectadas", since to write '%' on screen the percentage character
must be escaped. Anyway, it looks like a bug in the original string.
Alternativeley, remove the #,python-format tag.


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