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Re: New project: multimedia-menus

Xavi Conde wrote:
Hi Piotr,
Good point. I remember that during F10 or F11 a prioritized module
list was created, which is useful for smaller teams to focus on the
most important components. For instance, we focus on the Fedora-12
packages and then try to have as much of various as possible,
especially the essentials (pulseaudio, packagekit, yum, rpm). I'd like
to have packages clearly grouped by such criteria. For instance, I
don't think docs are as much a priority as UI menus, since having a
full menu untranslated is very visible for a daily user, whereas user
doc is not used that often.

Please help translators focusing on the most important components!

Shall we have a meeting to decide the priority of the packages and then categorize the packages according to that?

Ankit Patel

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