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Re: system-config-printer - Merge!

Tim Waugh wrote:
Fedora 12 is using the 1.1.x branch of system-config-printer, just like
Fedora 11 was.  No system-config-printer releases have been cut from
master yet.

But there are chances of issues with the POT itself, since the POT file 
used during Fedora 11 was having 663 messages while the one being used 
for Fedora 12 is having 493 messages. i.e. removal of 170 messages. I 
think Tim can help us to confirm this change.

Indeed, looks like there is a problem with translations on the master
branch, thanks for pointing it out.

Please concentrate on the 1.1.x branch for Fedora 12 translations.


Thanks for clarification Tim.

Fedora 12 (as well as Fedora 11) translation status page from transifex will now show 1.1.x branch instead of master to avoid the confusion for translators.

For the time being I have moved master branch to "Deprecated" releases, which should be ideally "Fedora rawhide" or something else I think. need to figure fix it later.

Ankit Patel

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