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Re: New project: multimedia-menus

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 5:40 AM, Xavi Conde wrote:
> Hi Orcan,
> 2009/8/25 Orcan Ogetbil:
>> Hello dear translators,
>> You may have heard my noise about this project in the past couple
>> weeks. Everything is set up now (thanks to Dimitris, Asgeir and Piotr)
>> in transifex and 22 short strings are waiting for translation.
> Done for Catalan :). Short question: is there a LINGUAS file that
> needs to be modified to add the locale as supported? If not, how can
> we be sure that the translated strings will be included?
> Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the translation!

Shortly before the F-12 final freeze, I'll make a new tarball from
what we have so far and that will go to F-12. If more translations
come after this deadline, they will get pushed to the updates repo
with a newer RPM.

I am not familiar with LINGUAS file. Does it matter if we have it or not?


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