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Issues on translate.fpo fixed

translate.fpo had a hiccup the past days and submissions over SSH
weren't working. I emailed Mike McGrath from the Infra project and the
problem was fixed a few moments ago.

Issues affecting Fedora's instance of Transifex, ie the server bits,
should be reported on #fedora-admin and/or as a ticket to the
Infrastructure group:


My knowledge of the Fedora infrastructure setup is very limited, and
so is the time I have to manage the server bits, since I'm focusing on
the development of new features. Please do report server issues to the
infrastructure folks directly. Feel free to CC me though, in case I
can provide and insight on the code bits.


Dimitris Glezos

Transifex: The Multilingual Publishing Revolution
http://www.transifex.net/ -- http://www.indifex.com/

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