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Re: Fedora 13 Draft Schedule

Noriko Mizumoto said the following on 12/06/2009 09:41 PM Pacific Time:

While checking the schedule, an idea came up in my mind... how big slot do we get for F13 working duration? Here is the comparison (delays not included). Days are calculated btw start and deadline, so that those may not match with Duration in F12.

Thanks for your detailed review in this email and the previous one! I have a strong hunch that the date and duration for many of these tasks are landing incorrectly because I auto-generated them purely from the Fedora 12 source file. We made a few changes to some of the overall release freezes for Fedora 13 and I probably haven't accounted for them properly. Additionally, you are ahead of the docs group :)

Usually I get the docs schedule confirmed before building the translation schedule. I had hoped to sit down with the docs team to confirm their schedule at FUDCon, but to my knowledge none of the docs people were there.

Hopefully we can get some solid feedback from the docs team this week and once I've implemented their changes I'll see if the translation tasks line up better.


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