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Re: Transifex repo read/write issues

Hi Diego,

I am not able to upload translations to the comps module which is on cvs.fedoraproject.org Appreciate if you could let me know whether this is because of the ssh-agent setup issues you have mentioned in your mail.

Thanking you

Best regards
Ani Peter
Fedora - Malayalam (ml)

Diego Búrigo Zacarão wrote:

I just talked to Toshio on IRC and it seems we are having issues on the
ssh-agent setup, used by Transifex to have read/write access to the
fedorahosted repositories.

As right now some of our admins are on the round with the FUDBus or flying to the
FUDCon in Toronto, we might have a delay for fixing it.

Be aware that download, viewing, refresh stats and submission might be broken
for some components on Transifex due this issue. while it remains.

Sorry for the inconvenient and thanks for the patience.

We are working to get it fixed ASAP.


Diego Búrigo Zacarão

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