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Re: Fedora 'cvsl10n' sponsor needed for xiaohou

Yuan Yijun さんは書きました:
2009/12/11 Yuliya Poyarkova <yulia poyarkova redhat com>:

I'd just like to add this is another reason for new translators to remember
to send self-introduction, so respective team coordinators/sponsors can see
what language team that person wants to join without guesswork.

Hi, Yulia

Believe it or not, a self-introduction is not enough. If you are at
fedora-ambassador-list, you can see the change from self-introduction
to mentor'd workflow. It does not keep the contributor active, as
Tians concerned in another email, and he thought L10N  contributors
should work as a team instead.

Yuan and Yulia

I am sorry coming up in the middle.
I am not on fedora-ambassador-list, so I am unable to see the change mentioned here either mentor'd workflow. Also it would be safe to say that not all translators are subscribing fedora-ambassador-list. So please allow me to ask what does prevent the contributor keep active here?


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