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Re: Fedora 'cvsl10n' sponsor needed for xiaohou

2009/12/11 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko redhat com>:
> Yuan Yijun さんは書きました:
>> 2009/12/11 Yuliya Poyarkova <yulia poyarkova redhat com>:
>>> I'd just like to add this is another reason for new translators to
>>> remember
>>> to send self-introduction, so respective team coordinators/sponsors can
>>> see
>>> what language team that person wants to join without guesswork.
>> Hi, Yulia
>> Believe it or not, a self-introduction is not enough. If you are at
>> fedora-ambassador-list, you can see the change from self-introduction
>> to mentor'd workflow. It does not keep the contributor active, as
>> Tians concerned in another email, and he thought L10N  contributors
>> should work as a team instead.
> Yuan and Yulia
> I am sorry coming up in the middle.
> I am not on fedora-ambassador-list, so I am unable to see the change
> mentioned here either mentor'd workflow. Also it would be safe to say that
> not all translators are subscribing fedora-ambassador-list. So please allow
> me to ask what does prevent the contributor keep active here?

Hi, Joerg

Would you please introduce the mentor process for ambassadors, and if
that helps to keep ambassadors active or not? Do you think a similar
approach can be used in new translator process?


bbbush ^_^

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