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Re: About join a group "cvsl10n"

Muhammad AlFakhori さんは書きました:
Hi , i'm mhmd I look forward to joining the group "cvsl10n"  .
I have sent a request to join ,but so far not been approved.
What needs to approve.

I'm approved in CLA Group and completed the mobilization My Account correctly and I also joined the "fedora-trans-list" mailing list

Ican't understand this part http://docs.fedoraproject.org/translation-quick-start-guide/en_US/sect-Translation_Quick_Start_Guide-Accounts_and_Subscriptions.html

How cam do it ?

Please help me to join "cvsl10n" group to start translating the packets to the Arabic.

Welcome Muhammad

Have you posted your self-intro [1]?
If so, I deeply apology.

Usually self-intro reveals what language the person likes to translate, so that corresponding language team coordinator will be able to sponsor or contact you.

For Arabic, please contact Mr. Munzir Taha of your team coordinator [2].
Make sure that you have already subscribed Arabic ML [3] and posted your self-intro as well. Atm I can see no Sponsor for Arabic [4]. It would be nice to hear from the coordinator if I can upgrade him to Sponsor for Arabic team so that you will be sponsored by him.

Please let me know anything not working for you, I am happy to dig it.



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