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Re: Fedora-trans-list Digest, Vol 70, Issue 16

Muhammad AlFakhori さんは書きました:
Dear Noriko

Thanks for helping me .
 > Have you posted your self-intro [1]?
Are you mean send message to Introducing meself the fedora-trans-list like structure previous? oh I did not it. Should i send it now? .And also when I want to edit my user page ,asks me to download a file titled index.php I think it must edit and re-uploaded to the site ,but where do I re-uploaded it ? .

Hi Muhammad
I am sorry but, have no idea. Usually what I do is, login and just click edit. Then the wiki page becomes editable. Once finish edit, click save page.

I have sent a letter to Mr. Munzir Taha told me that he must ask in fedora-trans-list .I am now a scattered and Mr. Munzir Taha did not help me enough that I need .


I hope that there be a coordinator of good for us (Arabic team).
I suggested that Mr. Alsad <goog_1260984346759>i <https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/view/alsadi?_csrf_token=6aef307ede4f05ebf73c9aa5dd71d983bfc5fb95>

The discussion should be held among Arabic team self, I think.
The way Arabic team members feel comfortable is the way you go.
It is obviously inconvenient for new Arabic translator to be approved at current situation.

Looking forward to hearing the solution.


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