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Re: Problem with smolt.master-smoon.messages.po (F12)

Sam Friedmann wrote:
Thanks for all these informations. I have tried to insert a nonbreakable
space but I can't seem to find how to insert it in a *.pot file (does anyone
know?) In the meanwhile, my next best option is to pretend there has been a typo and to remove the accent on the "o", that is no good, but it still is
the next best thing. But yeah, do let me know if there is any other
workaround or if there may be a proper solution.

Arrgh! Sam, I don't think modifying the .pot file should be attempted at all. As
Domingo suggested, it is probably best to ask the developer to change the string
into something that gettext would be able to understand and extract. Even the
solution as suggested from the Spanish translation threw msfgmt errors for the
bn_IN file here (could be a case of gettext version in use in the respective
local machine) and I finally decided to retain the text in English with a note.
I am also worried about the part that since its a command line tool, it may not
be ideal to translate into CJKI languages at all. For others, perhaps it might
be better to file a bug against these strings and get the developer's attention.


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