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RE: Self Introduction: Daniele Catanesi

Ne írj nem tudom elolvasni!!!!!!!

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Hi, Daniele welcome to the project.
Please subscribe the fedora-trans-it redhat com too and meet the other
L10n Italian team members.
There you can obtain some basical information about the team and how it
play its role.

Daniele Catanesi ha scritto:
> Full legal name: Daniele Catanesi
> City: Rome
> Country: Italy
> FAS username: ccielogs
> Language to translate: Italian
> Profession: Network Engineer/Trainer
> I and the Fedora Project: I'm mainly into  networking but I've been
> using Linux and Red Hat distribution since 1999 for all my needs, from
> hosting my blog to my syslog servers so I thought participating in the
> project would be a great way to pay back the community for all the
> help I received in the past and for the wonderful OS Fedora is
> Other Projects: I'm used to write/translate professional documentation
> so that would be interesting as well
> Level and type of computer skills: Systems and network management
> professional level skills, Linux good skills in system administration
> and troubleshooting
> GPG KEYID: E3F13006
> GPG Key fingerprint = 243A C11C 59E3 C071 BD4E  3681 5A7E 1962 F724 1304
> Kind regards,
> Daniele.
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