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Re: new language kashmiri - introduction

Rakesh Pandit wrote:
Hello list,

I propose Kashmiri Team for Fedora for kashmiri language effort.


Welcome to the FLP (Fedora Localization Project).

Since, you are the first one to propose a Kashmiri Team, you can be the coordinator for Kashmiri team: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Maintainer

However, priority is really upto you and the team to be formed!

My name: Rakesh Pandit
Profession: Developer (GNU Project Inetutils, Openoffice, etc)
Experience with fedora: Developer and Maintainer for 45+ packages.
Previous experience (relevant): Gnome kashmiri Coordinator, translated
2-3 gnome application earlier (committed via Runa few months back)
City: Pune, Country: India
Skills: Programming - C/C++ python/perl/bash
FAS username: rakesh

This is new language and I guess will need setting up new team. I have
already applied for cvsl10n group and am reading wiki for more

your FAS for cvsl10n group is approved now!

Ankit Patel

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