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Self-Introduction: Robert Buj

#  Full legal name (as you use it is fine)
Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch

# City, Country; you may use your timezone if you have a compelling
reason not to specify your city or country
Lleida, Spain, Europe/Madrid

# FAS user name and language to translate (for 'cvsl10n' group joining approval)
username:rbuj, language:catalan

# Profession or Student status
Computer Science Engineer, University of Lleida (UDL), Lleida, Spain

# What other projects would you be interesting in working with? (Docs,
Websites, etc)
All projecta that can be translated to catalan

# What other projects or translations have you worked on in the past?
I have worked in Babelzilla, Officeshots, OpenSolaris, PC-BSD, Ubuntu
& Wordpress extensions

# What level and type of computer skills do you have?
I am Computer Science Engineer.

# What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User
interface design, other so-called soft skills (people skills),
programming, etc.
system administrator, programmer

# GPG KEYID and fingerprint
pub   1024D/B4623A0F 2009-07-05
Key fingerprint = DB34 728A 5B78 ECB1 727B  38E0 253E 78B4 B462 3A0F

ca: M'agradaria millorar el món, però Déu no em dóna el codi font!
de: Ich würde gern die Welt verbessern, doch Gott gibt mir den Quellcode nicht!
en: I would like to improve the world, but God not gives to me the source code!
es: Me gustaría mejorar el mundo, pero Dios no me da el código fuente!

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