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Re: Translation Quick Start Guide

Ruediger Landmann さんは書きました:
On 07/24/2009 10:17 AM, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
Those languages contain build error, I need to investigate. Some tag error can possibly be a cause, it would be appreciated if translator also can have a look:
Indonesian, Malay, Swedish

The problem in Indonesian and Swedish is the same: the "Project-Id-Version:" header contains spaces, which means that Publican will show an error concluding with
"rm: cannot remove `tmppoofu.html': No such file or directory"

For example, this line of the header in Indonesian is:
"Project-Id-Version: Docs :: Translation Quick Start Guide\n"

To make it work, you need to change it to something like:
"Project-Id-Version: Docs_Translation_Quick_Start_Guide\n"

(you need to change this in /po/id.po and then split the file again so that the change is carried to the files in Publican's id-ID directory)

The Malay translation had a small XML error:
instead of
<xref linkend="st-change-permissions"/>

When troubleshooting various books to publish during the F11 release, I found this same problem very frequently in a wide variety of po files. I'm not sure how it gets created though.

Noriko, I fixed this in Malay (big Transifex po file and small Publican po file) and checked it into the repo, so you should be able to build this book OK now in Malay
Ouch that is headache.  Thank you for your quick rescue!
Indonesian and Swedish have been fixed now, being buildable.



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