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Re: FUEL Marathi Evaluation Meet

Thanks Dwayne!

ANLoc list is good but due to some reason we are targeting limited nos of entries in the start up.

The entries included in the FUEL list is generally coming from three-four levels of menus and sub-menus from the application a normal user are using frequently...like one editor, terminal, Office Suit, Browser, Email Client etc.  FUEL is trying to work beyond the evaluation phase that is its implementation phase. Hindi and Maithili language community has started to work on the implementation of the evaluated FUEL. Without doing the implementation part, the whole effort of our standardization will become useless.

The step we adopting to evaluate is here:

2009/7/24 Dwayne Bailey <dwayne translate org za>

I'd be interested to see FUEL evaluating the 2,500 terms developed by
ANLoc (African Network for Localisation).  I've CC'd Martin Benjamin who
is leading the sub-project within the ANLoc network.


The ANLoc list was produced by taking a number of FOSS applications and
using poterminology, brute, force and time to create a list of words and
definitions.  This does differ slightly from FUEL which last time I
looked had a number of redundant terms.  But I think there is value at
least in seeing what each group is doing.

On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 09:10 +0530, Rajesh Ranjan wrote:
> Hi,
> FUEL (https://fedorahosted.org/fuel/) workshop on standardizing
> frequently used terminology for Marathi computing is being organized
> on 31st July - 1st August 2009. This meet is being hosted by C-DAC,
> Pune. In this meet, people from different field will discuss and
> evaluate FUEL entries for Marathi language available in the
> applications that are being used frequently by normal users. The final
> evaluated list of FUEL Marathi will be available on line post workshop
> on FUEL website.
> FUEL (Frequently Used Entries for Localization) aims at solving the
> Problem of Inconsistency and standardization across the platform. It
> will try to provide a standardized and consistent look of computer for
> a language computer users. FUEL Marathi Evaluation Meet is a move to
> discuss the problem and come with the evaluated translation of the
> FUEL entries list created by choosing frequently used entries from
> important applications. For more info on FUEL Marathi effort please
> visit:
> https://fedorahosted.org/fuel/wiki/fuel-marathi
> Date: 31st July - 1st August 2009
> Venue:
> Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
> NSG IT Park, Aundh,
> Pune - 411007, Maharashtra (India)
> Anybody interested in participating the meet can contact. The full
> schedule is here:
> https://fedorahosted.org/fuel/attachment/wiki/fuel-marathi/Fuel_Marathi_Evaluation_Meet_Schedule.pdf?format=raw
> --
> Regards,
> Rajesh Ranjan
> www.kramashah.blogspot.com
> --
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