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Self-Introduction: Hyuugabaru Ryuuichi

Hello all:

Though I'd started translations on Fedora more than two years ago, 
I'd never sent a self-introduction to this mailing list.

I'd started translations just before starting the Transifex project. 

I had committed many translations via CVS access between Fedora 8 and 9.
I also translated Release Notes into Japanese on this period.

When the Transifex started, I'd tried but couldn't submit my translations.

I didn't know the actual reason, but I supposed it was because of my poor 
operations or poor understanding on the Transifex.

So, I gave up submitting translations via the Transifex.

When all the translations works were moved to the Transifex, I stopped 

Today, I tried the Transifex and succeeded. So, I can restart translations. 

BTW, TQSG says "the pencil icon labeled a translation for this language next
 to each project" (on 3.3 Committing Projects), many of the projects don't 
have the pencil icon.  Does it mean that it is not ready for updating the 
translations?  And how do I request to show the pencil icon?

Hyuugabaru Ryuuichi
hyu_gabaru yahoo co jp
Shizuoka, Japan
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