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Re: Self-Introduction: Josip Šumečki

Josip Šumečki さんは書きました:
Josip Šumečki,

Location: Lepoglava/Zagreb, Croatia; CET(GMT+1)
U/N: shumi12321    Language: Croatian (HR)
Student status: Graduate Student of Mathematics and Computing at
University of Zagreb (PMF-MO)
School: Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Zagreb, Matematički odjel

 I'm using Fedora as only OS on all my computers for more than two years ;)
 I'm interessted in joining other projects which are not only
translation-related (programming).
 I've been working at similar translation projects, such as Facebook Translator.

Computer skills: programming (C/C++ and Java oriented); high interests
in artificial intelligence, metaheuristics, etc.

pub   1024D/2FB99F53 2009-07-25
      Key fingerprint = E245 37C8 7816 8F10 C33C  2CE7 77DF F8E2 2FB9 9F53
uid                  Josip Šumečki (shumi) <shumi 1337 gmail com>
sub   2048g/933ACDB2 2009-07-25
I am not sure if you like to become Croatian translator, if so it would be perfect timing as F12 translation tasks list has arrived. If your interest is not translation related, please browse here [1] to find suitable project.

Btw, there is no Croatian team listed on our Teams page [2], neither L10N Group Sponsor page [3]. However there is very active contribution I can see. Croatian team coordinator, please add yourself in both pages and advise me, you will be upgraded to the sponsor for the team easy access.


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