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Re: Fedora 12 Translation Team Schedule

John Poelstra さんは書きました:

* I am suspecting that this is part of "15 Translation Period for Website". If so then it has deadline and review entries with 19 and 20, so this entry can be removed.
  22. Translation Deadline: fedoraproject.org (PO done)

I changed a few other things since the original version was published. Does something still need to be fixed?
Please remove this entry, it is confusing. This date is not deadline.
 20. Translation Deadline: Website 2009-10-27

Please rename this entry, this is the deadline for Websites.
 24. Translation Deadline: fedoraproject.org (PO done) 2009-11-02
     => Translation Deadline: Websites (POs done) 2009-11-02

F11 Websites translation included 'fedoraproject.org', 'fedorahosted' and 'talk.fedoraproject.'.

Now let me be a little greedy for F12, is there any translation task from Ambassadors Team?

I'm not sure I understand your question. Does the Ambassadors team help with translations? We do not currently have the Ambassadors group as part of the master schedule.
Software translation comes from Devel team, Rel-note & Guides translation come from Docs team, Websites translation comes from Web team and Banner translation comes from Design team. So just I was wondering if any translation needs around in Ambassadors team :-)

I think I've addressed everyone's comments now. Please continue to let me know what isn't working or what needs to be fixed. As I hope you are seeing... this gets less and less painful each release because of the iterative changes we make :)
Yes, indeed. Thank you so much for you great work!

Thanks a lot

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